finding inspiration in unexpected places: grasslands, sk

Life on the move is a compilation of ups and downs, sometimes gently rolling hills, and other times stark and jagged mountain ranges. Quietly chaotic at times yet co-existent, the downs make space for the ups, and so we've slowly found peace in learning to navigate both.

After a low stretch of uncertainty, rain, and melancholy, we hit a peak. I think it's one of the highest highs I've felt so far. And I'll be honest, I never thought I'd find it in the prairies!

I've been trying to find the words to capture how Grasslands made me feel, but I'm happy accepting that this one is beyond words.

Spent the day in a higher place.




Into the grass.



Colour inspiration.





Soaking up energy from the landscape.






Thank you, Grasslands, Saskatechwan!

Until next time,

Sam ♡

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Samantha Shaw